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Garage Door & Opener Installations

Fast, friendly, and affordable garage door installation services.
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Garage Door & Opener Repairs

From small dent removal on your door to total repair of your opener.
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Spring Repair & Replacement

Replacement or tension adjustments.  We are just a call away.
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Garage Door & Opener Installations

Fast, friendly, and affordable garage door installation services.
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Garage Door & Opener Repairs

From small dent removal on your door to total repair of your opener.
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Spring Repair & Replacement

Replacement or tension adjustments.  We are just a call away.
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Garage Door & Opener Inst.

Fast, friendly, and affordable garage door installation services.  From replacements to upgrades, we have the staff and expertise to get the job done right the first time.

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Spring Repair & Replacement

If you already have a quality garage door and opening system that just needs spring repairs, we can help you assess the problem and deliver a cost-effective solution.

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Garage Door & Opener Repairs

We offer both major and minor repair services, and can service and install all major brands when replacing garage door openers. Call today to schedule your installation or repair.

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Garage Door Service McKinney Texas

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Garage Door Repair and Garage Door Installation.

We serve Frisco, Allen, Denton, Grapevine, Plano, Garland, Irving more.

When driving up to your garage you expect to have it open up for you before you drive in. Sometimes that doesn’t happen and getting out to open the door isn’t high on your bucket list, in fact if it’s raining this task can be downright miserable. You’re in serious need of garage door service and you aren’t in the mood to wait for very long.

Neighborly Garage Door Service offers fast and friendly overhead door garage door repair service, installation and garage door sales, featuring the highest quality garage doors and garage door openers.  We are sure to have the style that works perfectly in keeping with the rest of your home.  We’ll make certain that you have the very best garage door opener that will perform flawlessly for years to come.

Garage Door Repair Service McKinneyWe can do everything from garage door repair to a full and comprehensive service or installation so if you already have a door that needs some adjusting or just some TLC, we are the right company for the job.

If you do have a garage door that needs attention, then you want a company that can complete the work properly, efficiently and at an affordable price. We have a lot of experience in repairing and servicing a wide range of garage doors. This means that you can trust us to do the highest quality job without any hassles or extra hidden charges. We choose all our materials to fit in with your budget, however we will not compromise quality, just to save a buck.

Our technicians are professional in all aspects of garage door installation and service, which means we are able to quickly diagnose any issues you are having and immediately get to work making it right. Our trained, highly skilled and experienced technicians have a goal to do the right thing, never compromise or short cut a repair or installation, complete the work in an efficient timeframe and maintain an affordable price for the completed work.

When you are considering having a brand new garage door installation, you’ll want something that will not only suit your home and its exterior design, but also something that is 100% reliable and functional. Our experts will work with you to get the best match available, and at a price that makes sense. A beautiful and attractive garage door will add immensely to your home’s curb appeal and in most circumstances, will increase your property value.

Garage Door Installation McKinney Frisco PlanoDo you have a garage door that isn’t working as it should? Have you tried to repair it yourself or maybe had another garage door company out there but you still have a problem? Neighborly Garage Door Service can send out one of our technicians to examine, evaluate and give you an estimate of the repair. They are able to diagnose all types of problems and usually repair it right on the spot.

If you’re in need of a garage door repair, we will discuss all of the options with you and present you with one or more solutions for you to make a decision.. If you need a brand-new installation, we can offer you a selection from our extensive range of modern, carriage house, traditional or custom design garage doors in man-made or natural materials.

We are committed to giving you the best service and selection available, which means we supply a wide range of garage doors. They are all competitively priced because value and customer service our top priority.

We are licensed and fully insured for your peace of mind, so give us a call today and you can speak to one of our experts. We can schedule an appointment and visit you for a consultation. All of our work is guaranteed and we only use the best quality parts in our garage installation and repairs.

broken garage door spring McKinney TexasOne of the most common problems with a garage door is the spring. It can become damaged or weak after years of service and may need to be tightened or replaced. The garage door will feel heavier, will not open properly and if you have an automatic garage door opener, will over work it and cause it to wear out prematurely. This is a repair that should never be done by yourself, because people have been seriously injured and even killed attempting this.  If you’re have a problem, why not give us a call to service or repair the spring. We have years of experience so it won’t take long to repair and you’ll have a fully functioning garage door again.

Another problem that can cause a lot of inconveniences is a broken garage door opener. For this type of garage door service it’s typically straight forward and most times it won’t take long to fix. However, we do understand that waiting to have your garage door repair can be frustrating, so we’ll make sure that we get to you as soon as possible.

We know that it’s not just those who want the convenience of an automatic door that use them. There are also many people with disabilities or other restrictions who rely on a garage door opener a vital part of their independence. If you fall into this category where calling in for service, please let us know so that we can expedite your service call.

We believe that anytime you are looking to have a garage door installation, or you are experiencing problems with your existing door, it’s important to perform a garage door repair or install your new door as quickly as possible. That will mean less disruption to you, your life and your activities and as a bonus, we get a happy customer. With over 5000 delighted customers so far, it is something we take extremely seriously.

As well as having an aesthetically pleasing look from your new garage door, you will also be getting a safe and secure garage door that gives you comfort in knowing that your car and other possessions are safe and secure.
Commercial garage Door Repair Service Plano McKinney FriscoWe don’t just tailor our services for the residential community, we are also highly experienced in the commercial side. We service and install various types of commercial garage doors and are certain that we can help you with all of your commercial garage door needs. Whatever the size of your company, we’re capable of handling the work. All of our commercial garage door installations are fully guaranteed so you won’t be disappointed with our service.

When the winter begins to set in, you may be thinking about getting your car ready for the cooler weather. Most people try to get it serviced or get those repairs completed in time so you don’t have problems over winter, right?

The exact same thing can be said about your garage door, unfortunately, it always seems that things fail when you least expect it. You don’t want to be in the cold weather fighting with a faulty garage door. Give us a call and we can come and assess your door, give it a tune up and make sure it is fully operational. We can also perform any repairs before the winter sets in. You can then rest easy knowing that it is one job you won’t need to worry about.

We’re experienced and are able to find you the perfect door no matter your budget.  We have local experts that have over a decade of experience in the garage door service and installation business. We promise to never try and oversell you, we’ll just use our expertise to help you to find the best product available within your budget. You’re the most important part of the equation and giving you the results that you expect is the end result that we strive for.

Garage Door Repair Service Denton McKinney FriscoIf you aren’t sure what you need, then that’s not a problem, we’ll come and see you and bring with us various examples of doors and styles. Our experts will look at your home and assess the things you need. They can then walk you through all the steps and be guided by your specific requirements. Choosing a new garage door isn’t something that can be done hastily, you need to consider the aesthetics of you home as well as your budget for this investment. Yes, this is absolutely an investment as the incorporation of a visually pleasing garage door will fetch a very nice return when it’s time to sell the home.

It is our attention to detail and the fact that we always put our customers first, that has led to over 5000 delighted customers and growing! Your opinion matters and we are always looking to improve our services because we can always do better. It is important to us that you are absolutely delighted with every aspect, so please give us your feedback once our work is completed so w know how we did or how we could improve.

You can be sure that whether you are a local resident or a commercial company, there is no installation too big for us to take on. In our many years of experience, we have seen everything  and this is why we are so confident. No matter what the problem might be, we will develop a solution that not only looks good but is also safe and secure.

Next time you are looking for a new garage door installation or garage door repair, don’t hesitate to give Neighborly Garage Door Service a call.

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